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Nouveautés (nouvelles/info) Nocco

NOCCO Close Up with Gerome Casamento

Gerome Casamento aka Casa is a well loved and respected functional fitness athlete in Belgium. Whenever he is competing he has the loudest cheers and sometimes even his own orchestra , ‘team casamento’ represent. His life is dedicated to coaching and practicing functional fitness and “Eat-sleep -coach -train- repeat” is his motto.
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NOCCO Close Up with Jelle Hoste

Jelle Hoste is a former judoka and fell in love with functional fitness only a few years ago. His great mindset and work attitude payed off and he became Belgiums fittest man in 2020. He won his ticket to the CrossFit® Games, but due to corona the format has been changed and he is not allowed to go. This doesn’t’ change his mood or motivation. He is still working very hard and keeps believing in his dream to be a CrossFit® Games athlete.
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NOCCO is proud to present its partnership with Battle Cancer, the world’s leading non-profit functional fitness event. As a global partner, NOCCO will be present at all Battle Cancer events in 2020 with a variety of activations to help raise awareness and funds for cancer charities.
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Huge success for NOCCO in Madison, WI

NOCCO USA, complete with 22 incredible NOCCO athletes, kicked off August’s opening weekend with our inaugural appearance at Vendor Village at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit® Games in Madison, WI. Visitors were able to taste NOCCO, meet our athletes and get to know our brand. The crowds loved our products, as did our 22 competing athletes consuming NOCCO over the long, grueling weekend.
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