Compensating for the emissions caused by our transports, and furthermore caring for the communities that we operate in and the people that are a part of them, is important to us. Apart from our Lao PDR Hydropower project, we initiate and engage in different charity projects every year.

Lao PDR hydropower project

We’re constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint by overseeing everything from our product packaging, transportation, business travels, production, storage, offices, to the waste from our packaging. Right now we are supporting an exciting and beneficial Hydropower project in Lao PDR. The project produces secure, reliable annd affordable energy to facilitate continued, low carbon sustainability. This will benefit the local economy by providing jobs but most importantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. To read more click HERE.



NOCCO is proud to present its partnership with Battle Cancer, the world’s leading non-profit functional fitness event. As a global partner, NOCCO will be present at all Battle Cancer events in 2020 with a variety of activations to help raise awareness and funds for cancer charities.

Battle Cancer is an accessible functional fitness competition that raises money for cancer charities across the world. Since its beginning in 2017, the organization has raised more than $500,000 for cancer charities with events worldwide.

Battle Cancer is currently held in eight countries and have eleven international events planned in 2020 outside their US Battle tour.

Read more about Battle Cancer here.



The Zero Emission project is certified by the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as well as the independent Gold Standard.