NOCCO Training Tips by Alexander Elebro

Training Tips by Alexander Elebro

Devil press
This exercise is relatively simple, but very challenging. The challenge is that the chest needs to move the ground between your hands, then jump up like a burpee and take both dumbbells from the ground to straight above the head. As you see in the clip, Alexander uses a small swing, so the movement becomes a bit of a kettlebell swing. Remember to keep your back straight and your torso tight. One tip to then make this movement a little easier is to use the hip properly, so you get good speed in the movement.

Overhead squats
This exercise is superb for stability, strength and mobility. Hold the barbell with as wide a grip as you need (keep in mind that it will generally be easier if you do not hold too wide, assuming you are sufficiently movable for it). Lock out the bar directly above the head, imagine that you should almost push the bar against the ceiling at all times, it immediately makes you more stable. Then you sit down in a squat and rise again.

Kettlebell snatch
This exercise is both heart rate-enhancing and strength-building. A bit like a kettlebell swing, fixed with one arm. Use the hip to get the kettlebell up. Important to keep in mind here is to keep your back and trunk tight, so you don’t lose it and hurt yourself when the weight comes down again.