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Blijf op de hoogte van de laatste NOCCO updates.
NOCCO nieuws

Nocco hits the padel court

Padel has taken the world by storm and grown incredibly fast in Europe within the last couple of years. The popularity around the game is down to it's simplicity. It is fun and easy enough to learn and caters for players of all ages and skill levels
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Nocco Close Up with Carmen Ketelaar

Carmen Ketelaar is an IFBB athlete and an enthusiastic personal trainer. She likes to share her food and training habits online. Sometimes surprisingly different but she has a quite similar eating pattern on a daily basis, Barebells protein bar for breakfast and a NOCCO with every training. Read more about her below.
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NOCCO Close Up with Frank de Wit

Frank is a well-known Judoka in the Netherlands. As a teenager he already won the World Youth Championships. His first Olympic appearance was in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016. He has been collecting medals ever since.
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NOCCO Close Up with Sharon Wacanno

She won the Dutch Grand Prix, after winning the best posing award she succesfully started her own posing school, the Fitmodel Academy. There she teaches girls how to pose on stage, but she also works as a dental assistent and as a trainer in the gym.
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NOCCO Close Up with Gerome Casamento

Gerome Casamento aka Casa is a well loved and respected functional fitness athlete in Belgium. Whenever he is competing he has the loudest cheers and sometimes even his own orchestra , ‘team casamento’ represent. His life is dedicated to coaching and practicing functional fitness and “Eat-sleep -coach -train- repeat” is his motto.
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NOCCO Close Up with Jelle Hoste

Jelle Hoste is a former judoka and fell in love with functional fitness only a few years ago. His great mindset and work attitude payed off and he became Belgiums fittest man in 2020. He won his ticket to the CrossFit® Games, but due to corona the format has been changed and he is not allowed to go. This doesn’t’ change his mood or motivation. He is still working very hard and keeps believing in his dream to be a CrossFit® Games athlete.
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